Post Four!

Today I had my first course observation

Before it began, I was apprehensive

What I found was a good experience

The feedback provided was extensive


My class will be far better because of this

The changes will be eventful

Some old ideas became new again

These will make students’ successful


Overall I feel good about the time spent

Exchanging of ideas can be good

I am thankful for the time allotted

If you have not experienced this, you should.


I received some wonderful ideas

With this some tips and tricks

One thought was as simple as an application

In fact, I’m adding this into the mix


Now, an unrelated video…


It is a time of year where many persons sit and reflect on what they have accomplished throughout the past twelve months. Some folks become cocooned with emotions, which spiral out of control. Their world spinning and skidding into obstacles.

For me, I find myself reviewing my own life. I ask,

What have you done that was good?
Who have you helped?
What did you do that was a selfless act?

For these three questions, I do have answers; however, I feel I should have more. Does this make me a self centered, egotistical person? No. I do not believe I am. Trust me. At one time, my Ego ran the show. That was a time of craziness; darkness. No longer does this part of me stand in front to lead.

Yes. This passive aggressive soul steps to the forefront on occasion and the old self returns. When this happens, it can be very humorous; however, it can also be very painful. It is a fight for my Ego to know Love. My Ego is just Fear. I need to let that Ego go and bring Love into the Self.

So, at this time of the year, ask yourself, “What have you done that was good for someone else?”. If you cannot provide any answer here, you may wish to think about your world; your life; your “Self”. Do you chose Fear or Love?

Image taken with Santomi’s 2017 Moody Horizons Windlight in Second Life
Landscaping by Rah Rehula


A reflection for the last post
It is what I enjoy most

Not the reflection part
I state this from the heart

It is the last post
That I will be giving a toast

The time has been busy for sure
But, I didn’t mind the detour

It was all about the education
During this whole duration

This post will be brief
I know…That’s a relief

I thank TeLS for the opportunity
To bring this to the community

A challenge is always fun
When it can be done

I believe I fulfilled the “must”
If not, I am sure we can adjust

It’s been at times a pain
One I may not do again

Glad I get a Brunch
I could use a good munch

Thanks to all who dropped by my door
Some had never been there before

They marvel at the decorations
That keep me on track with my obligations

So to all of you I say
Thanks for letting me do this my way

Now a Random Video – No. Not Frank Sinatra!


The week has actually ended
and I failed to post

With a quick rhyming scheme
A couple minutes at most

With that in place
I make my way in haste

For today is Veteran’s Day
Olive Garden is where we’ll head for a taste

To our Veterans they serve
A free meal with a smile

For this service
We’ll drive a mile

Hubby and Dad I will take
for they both did fight

For my freedom to tell you this
It is my given right

Yes. This should be about education
I’ll try to bring some in

Maybe research the forgotten war
For Korea is where they both have been

I’ll jump in and grade a bit
This is something I do daily

It can sometimes bring about emotions
some assignments are total melee

The students continue to submit
The work that is creative

Hopefully, it is their brain
That gets stimulated

But I digress from my topic
Of this post being late

Hopefully TeLS will forgive me
I’ve been fairly good at any rate

Have a great Veteran’s Day
I say to everyone

Thanks a soldier for your Freedom
Without them, you would have none

Now a Random Video…


I find it hard at times
To continue with these rhymes

It takes a bit of skill
When done it can be a thrill

To post something each week
Almost makes me out to be a geek

Always the topic should meet
Some academic treat

This one will be short
For there is really nothing to report

The students are mostly great
In fact, a high percentage at this rate

There was a little plagiarism
“Nipped it”, I say with optimism

It breaks my heart when this happens
The students they start the “slackens”

The culprits were called out
Then in a message to the class I did shout

Please do not waste my time
This plagiarism is a crime

Should I see it again
Your work will be in vain

From the course you will be dropped
Your degree could be locked

Be your own person
For going this route can only worsen

Be creative and use critical thought
Never place yourself in that spot

I want you to succeed
Not to be one to impede

Bring forth your brain
Make education your campaign

Now a random video…


To post or not to post.
This is the question I ask.

Comments are the focus this week.
This is the actual task.

I figured I could still write
Just a quick word or two.

No big deal to do a post.
t’s actually for me and not you.

I’ve been super busy these days.
Programn Review is up.

Paperwork has been sent to cirriculum.
Now I can do all my catchup.

I can tell you the process was daunting.
Quite the learning experience.

Each step another obsticle.
My pay off was my persistence.

I’ll stop now with the post.
As I am a bit behind

Need to start on Spring courses.
I do this so I am not in a bind.

A new text for VGD 221.
So, implemnting new assignments.

Even though this is taught by an adjunct.
It will be based on my refinements.

Now that random video. Rest in Peace Chris Cornell


Week five it seems to be
No direction has been supplied to me

I’ll just do a post
On what I enjoy most

Teaching is where it’s at
So hold onto your hat

I love that light bulb moment
When the student understands the component

It makes me smile
To know it’s worthwhile

Just give me any topic
Not one that’s monocarpic

I’ll give you a class that’s tops
Not one that flops

It will be an enjoyable course
One that will reinforce

Most likely it will be online
Because this is where I truly shine

You may think it silly
But I love it really

The online world is great
It’s just work to keep up to date

Be sure to follow through
On all the work that you do

Back up your work with a course archive
Just in case the internet goes into overdrive

To lose all the work completed
Give the feeling of being defeated

I speak from experience
For I have has this incidence

When all the stars align
The work is just divine

The student provide beautiful work
Some even go berserk

They turn in the most creative designs
Creative thoughts? There are signs

I love to grade the projects
Some are quite complex

The ideas these students find
Can really blow the mind

I love to teach
Share knowledge to each

It’s a feeling of completeness
Such a warm sweetness

Teaching is where it’s at
So hold onto your hat

Random Video with no real tie in to the topic…


What drives me to grade
On the weekend and nights
This is the challenge
TeLS has given

It seems this is natural
At least it is to me
To provide feedback quickly
For students who paid their tuition

Student success they shout
Should we not dive in 24/7
Answer that question asked
Even if it is Saturday at midnight

I think the reason I do it
It is what I would want
To have that connection
To not answer would be impolite

The student works as well
If the weekend is their time
The homework needs to be complete
For me to assist is their right

Not much more I can say
On what drives me to do this
I actually love to see
When that light bulb clicks

When that light shines
The student’s creative juices flow
This is why I login 7 days a week
To provide those tips and tricks

You may think I am crazy
To grade a project at midnight
If I am up why not work
It’s just a few more clicks

Now, a random video

NOTE: Posts written without proofing ;-D
That’s how I roll…


It’s FTSE Day
We are on our way

This halfway point
Is not here to disjoint

It is a time to check
To keep up the spec

Students who are missing
Will get the FTSE “dissing”

I thought I’d have more
But many made the score

One class ends on Friday
This is their big doomsday

Some in this class will fail
A few today tried to bail

Their scores will reflect
The knowledge of the subject

A game to create
Submitted by the due date

Ahhhh but I digress
FTSE is the topic to express

Who in your course will you allow
For FTSE day is upon us now

There are reminders galore
For this process we can’t ignore

The Registrar will shout
“Get that FTSE out”

It is a simple task
Can’t do it? Just ask

Students are either one or the other
“Go” or “W” they will discover

If a “W” is placed in the square
It is their cross to bear

To think I would not see
No work being submitted to me

They are now gone
For FTSE Day is on

I am sure a few will cry
Wanting to know the reason why

The answer to them I give
For this is their prerogative

Try participating in class
This is basically all I ask

Show me you are interested
Show me you are invested

To not participate in assignments
Means you fail to meet requirements

So, on FTSE Day
You will be on YOUR way

Random Video – Rest In Peace Tom Petty


It’s been a long time
Since I have been teaching online

What I thought would be simple
Has placed me at times in a pickle

It is not as easy as many think
You need to make everything sync

By this it is meant in all areas
If not, there will be total hysteria

I find the student feel the same way
As many have to say

In the courses that I teach
I’ve tried to bring excitement to each

Giving students an option on assignments
Allows for some pretty cool alignments

These come in the way of creativity
When the students choose their own activity

An example is a simple task
Even in a form of a question to ask

Answer the problem in a media of your choice
Some really find a beautiful voice

I’ve allowed text, video, images, and audio
The work I see makes me just glow

The minds of some people are so beautiful
Their work is undisputable

To cover all topics is the requirement
This part is very important

Since this open style for submittal was started
Many students have jumped in wholehearted

The things I see come my way
Amaze me every day

Try this for a class introduction
Provide simple instruction

Allow any media type
You will not hear a gripe

Some will stick with the traditional essay
Some with provide a great display

This could be a new adoption
To allow a different option

I can say you will have a big surprise
On what the students decide

Now a random, silly, rhyming song…